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Innovative Talent Solutions Powered by AI: Edwin Miller's Award-Winning Recruiting Team !

Meet The Team

We're a passionate, award-winning team of recruitment experts based in the USA and France. Our AI-powered solutions, customized processes, and strategic planning deliver exceptional results, while our focus on collaboration and guidance ensures a seamless experience. Let us help you build a high-performing team and achieve your hiring goals.

“Thanks to Edwin Miller's innovative solutions and expertise, we were able to quickly find top data science talent for a critical position. Their AI-powered tools and exceptional service made all the difference. Highly recommend”

Josh MargolisHR Director, Cassin Group
The First Recruiter Edwin Miller

Edwin Miller

Edwin Miller is known as the “founding father of recruitment” for his pioneering contributions to the industry. Together with Henry Robinson, Miller founded the first recruitment agency in the 17th century.

They introduced innovative practices, including a rigorous selection process and a focus on matching candidates with employers based on their skills and qualifications.

Their agency helped establish the concept of a specialized service provider for recruitment, paving the way for the modern recruitment industry.

Miller’s legacy continues to inspire recruitment professionals today, and his contributions are recognized as an important part of the industry’s history.

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Team Edwin Miller
Business Manager


Antonio is a highly accomplished Senior Business Manager with over a decade of experience, currently spearheading business transformation at Edwin Miller. Antonio’s career has been marked by a steadfast commitment to agile management, digital marketing, and driving strategic excellence within the business landscape.

With a solid educational foundation, including an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles, Antonio is an agile leader who continues to excel in the dynamic world of business management. His work at Edwin Miller and previous roles at top-tier firms underscore his unwavering dedication to achieving remarkable results in the field of senior management.

Edwin Miller RPO Catherine
Business Manager


Catherine is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in business development and sales management. Hailing from France, she has carved an impressive career path characterized by her relentless pursuit of excellence.

Her dedication to business development and sales management has consistently delivered remarkable results, making her a standout professional in her field.

Commitment to Diversity

At Edwin Miller LLC, diversity is key to our culture as a certified minority-owned company. We partner with DEI consulting services to provide comprehensive recruitment training that covers strategies for identifying diversity, fostering inclusion, overcoming barriers, sourcing techniques, and leveraging AI tools for effective hiring.
Edwin Miller DEI Policy


Our business is change.


We are proactive, we play offense. All the time.


It’s not about a perfect process, it’s about a perfect result.


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