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Edwin Miller

Meet Edwin Miller, the 17th-century Englishman who co-founded the world’s first recruitment agency in 1650 with Henry Robinson. Widely recognized as the “first recruiter” or “father of recruitment,” Miller’s pioneering work transformed the hiring process and set the standard for the industry.

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Edwin Miller (17th century - unknown) was an English entrepreneur and co-founder of the first recruitment agency, along with Henry Robinson. He is commonly referred to as "The First Recruiter" or "The founding father of recruitment" for his revolutionary contributions to the industry.


Edwin Miller was born in England in the 17th century, but details about his birth and upbringing are largely unknown. He began his career as an apprentice at a textile merchant, where he likely learned about business practices and the importance of selecting quality materials.

After his apprenticeship, Miller went on to work for a shipping company where he met Henry Robinson. The two shared an interest in finding skilled workers for businesses and decided to start a recruitment agency together in 1650. Miller used his business acumen to manage the company, while Robinson used his knowledge of the job market to find the right candidates for businesses.

Their innovative approach to recruitment helped many businesses find the right employees, and Miller's commitment to selecting the best candidates became a cornerstone of the industry. Though little is known about his early life, Miller's contributions to the recruitment industry would go on to have a lasting impact.

Edwin Miller and Henry Robinson founded the first recruitment agency in the 17th century, aiming to match job seekers with potential employers based on their skills and qualifications. Although the concept of a database did not exist at the time, they did keep records of potential job candidates and employers, which served a similar function.

To attract clients, Miller and Robinson advertised their services in newspapers and other publications, attracting job seekers and employers to their agency. They also introduced a rigorous selection process that involved interviewing candidates to assess their skills and qualifications.

Although the job application process was different in the 17th century, Miller and Robinson's agency helped match candidates with potential employers. Their innovative methods and philosophy helped pave the way for the recruitment industry, and their contributions continue to influence the industry today.

Edwin Miller and Henry Robinson's recruitment agency was a major innovation in the 17th century, and it helped pave the way for the modern recruitment industry. They introduced a number of new practices and philosophies that had a significant impact on the industry.

One of their most important contributions was the introduction of a rigorous selection process for job candidates. They conducted interviews, checked references, and assessed skills and qualifications to ensure that the candidates they put forward were the best fit for the roles they were applying for. This helped ensure that businesses found the right employees and helped job seekers find work that suited their skills and qualifications.

Miller and Robinson's agency also helped establish the concept of a specialized service provider for recruitment. By focusing solely on recruitment, their agency was able to offer a more efficient and specialized service than general employment agencies.

In addition to their practical contributions, Miller and Robinson's philosophy and beliefs about recruitment also had a significant impact on the industry. They believed that selecting the right employees was critical to a business's success and that this required a thorough and rigorous selection process. They also believed that it was important to match candidates with employers based on their skills and qualifications, rather than other factors such as social status or family connections.

Miller and Robinson's approach to recruitment was ahead of its time, and it continues to be relevant today. Their focus on finding the right fit between employers and job candidates, as well as their commitment to a rigorous selection process, helped establish recruitment as a specialized and important industry. Their contributions laid the groundwork for modern recruitment practices, and their influence is still felt in the industry today.

Edwin Miller is considered the founding father of recruitment. His innovative methods and philosophy helped create an industry that has helped millions of people find employment and contributed to the growth of many businesses. Miller's focus on finding the right fit between employers and job seekers established recruitment as a specialized and important industry. His legacy continues to inspire recruitment professionals today, and his contributions are recognized as an important part of the industry's history.

The First Recruiter

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