Client Story

Created in 2002, Monster Energy is an American brand that produces energy drinks and targets a young demographic. The brand is well known for its sponsorship of extreme sports events and has become a popular choice among people who lead an active lifestyle.

40+ Annual Hires


Hybrid RPO

Off Site Delivery

Monster Places 40 University Graduates Annually Using Video Recruitment

Monster Energy is an American company that produces, markets, and distributes energy drinks. Founded in 2002, Monster Energy has gained popularity through strong advertising, marketing, and branding efforts, as well as through sponsorships of various sports events.

With operations in over 100 countries, Monster Energy currently employs over 3,000 people. The company offers graduate opportunities as part of its dedication to supporting young professionals. This dedication stems from Monster Energy’s early marketing efforts, which targeted college students and led to the brand’s success. Today, the company continues to focus on the younger demographic by providing opportunities for growth and development.

Monster's Challenge

Monster’s US office faced a challenge of setting up a graduate hiring program but lacked internal resources to create a unified branded recruitment campaign, manage the large volume of applicants, and provide a consistent high-quality candidate experience. As a result, the US teams at Monster experienced high dropout rates from candidates during the recruitment process and were left with poor quality candidates.

To overcome this challenge, Monster sought an RPO partner who could help them hire more than 40 graduates annually, develop a custom sourcing and screening program, and design a scalable graduate hiring solution that could be utilized for years to come.

+ 40+ Annual Hires
+ US Support
+ Graduate Hiring Program

Creating an Effective Talent Acquisition Solution

Edwin Miller was tasked with creating a tailored solution for Monster’s graduate hiring process, which would use their employer brand and vision to attract high-quality candidates. To achieve this, Edwin Miller collaborated with Monster’s in-house team to review and redesign their candidate outreach, screening, and interview processes.

Driving Results

Edwin Miller focused on providing a high-quality candidate experience and strengthening Monster’s employer brand. This required an outreach and screening process that was both efficient and engaging.

By incorporating video interviews and communication software, Edwin Miller streamlined the screening process and maintained constant engagement with candidates. In the first two months of the partnership, 3,000 candidates were screened and 150 were selected for interviews.

With an emphasis on technology and candidate experience, Edwin Miller successfully delivered over 50 graduate hires and created a sustainable process for future recruitment. The partnership between Edwin Miller and Monster has continued for over five years.

Some of the key highlights of the partnership include:

+ Average Submissions per Position: 7-9
+ Submission to Interview Ratio: 5:1
+ Manager Satisfaction: 94%
+ Reduced Time-To-Fill: 22 days.


RPO Highlights

7 – 9

Average Submissions per Position

22 days

Reduced Time-To-Fill


Submission to Interview Ratio


Manager Satisfaction