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Founded in 1946 by Baroness Batsheva de Rothschild, The Rothschild Foundation is a philanthropic organization based in France that supports various causes in the fields of arts, culture, health, and social welfare.

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Rothschild Partners with Enterprise RPO for a Comprehensive Talent Acquisition Solution

La Fondation Rothschild, a renowned healthcare foundation in France, faced a challenge in recruiting healthcare professionals due to a shortage of qualified candidates and intense competition in the industry. The foundation needed to scale its recruitment process while maintaining high standards to ensure the best possible candidates were selected.

To overcome this challenge, La Fondation Rothschild France partnered with Enterprise RPO to implement a comprehensive talent acquisition solution. The objective was to outsource their recruitment process to a trusted partner who could handle every aspect of recruitment, from sourcing and engaging candidates to screening and employer branding, to recruiting, onboarding, reporting, and placing the best candidates in their open roles.

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Developing a Custom Sourcing and Screening Program

The Enterprise RPO team worked closely with La Fondation Rothschild to develop a custom sourcing and screening program. The team reviewed and redesigned the foundation’s candidate outreach, screening, and interview processes to create a tailored solution that would use their employer brand and vision to attract high-quality healthcare candidates.

Creating an Effective Talent Acquisition Solution

Edwin Miller was tasked with creating a tailored solution for Monster’s graduate hiring process, which would use their employer brand and vision to attract high-quality candidates. To achieve this, Edwin Miller collaborated with Monster’s in-house team to review and redesign their candidate outreach, screening, and interview processes.

Delivering Results

Enterprise RPO focused on providing a high-quality candidate experience and strengthening La Fondation Rothschild’s employer brand. This required an outreach and screening process that was both efficient and engaging.

By leveraging technology, including video interviews and communication software, Enterprise RPO streamlined the screening process and maintained constant engagement with candidates. Within the first year of the partnership, Enterprise RPO successfully filled over 80 healthcare positions, with an average submission to interview ratio of 4:1 and a manager satisfaction rate of 92%.

Enterprise RPO also reduced the time-to-fill by 15%, allowing La Fondation Rothschild to rapidly fill critical healthcare roles and better serve their patients.


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