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Hiring at scale presents unique challenges that require new solutions. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning offer businesses new tools to support and optimize their high volume hiring strategies. Here’s how AI can help and some of the best AI recruiting tools available for high volume hiring.

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The Benefits of AI in Recruitment:

Artificial Intelligence can have substantial benefits for businesses in industries with high turnover, seasonal peaks, or for those roles that attract large numbers of candidates. AI can reduce bias, improve the candidate experience, support your employer brand, and attract candidates with the right skills – even passive candidates.

The Best AI Recruiting Tools for High Volume Hiring:

There are numerous AI tools for recruitment and talent acquisition available, but not all are suitable for high volume hiring. Here are some of the best AI recruiting tools around for high volume hiring:

  1. Screening and Shortlisting Tools: AI screening and shortlisting tools enable your talent acquisition team to pinpoint the most suitable candidates and approach the most skilled applicants first, filling positions more quickly.
  2. Video Interviewing Software: AI combined with data analytics can help predict the best candidates for the job based on structured video interviews alone.
  3. Data Analytics: AI can help you collect, analyze, and understand your hiring data so you can identify high-potential candidates, recognize skills gaps, improve retention, make better workforce planning decisions, and get insights into current workforce and industry trends.
  4. Automated Scheduling: Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can be used to reduce the amount of time your talent acquisition team is spending on repetitive tasks like interview scheduling, providing feedback and emailing candidates.
  5. Programmatic Advertising: AI can be used to craft compelling, concise and to-the-point job descriptions and programmatic advertising tools can then be used to determine where to post those ads to reach the right candidates.
  6. Chatbots: Chatbots can answer queries, update applicants on the status of their applications, help fill out application forms, and gather data on employee expectations, increasing engagement.

"Finding the right talent is not just about filling a role, it's about building a team that can create real impact and drive success for your business."

Partnering with an RPO Provider:

Big names like Amazon have spent billions developing in-house AI tools for evaluating resumes and fast-tracking candidates. For those without Amazon’s resources, partnering with an experienced RPO provider is a great way to access the best new AI tools available and get advice on other aspects of volume hiring strategy.

High volume recruitment can quickly overwhelm your internal hiring resource, making the recruitment process more time-consuming and less efficient. Access world-class recruitment technology and industry-specific expertise that will allow you to hire faster, free up internal resources and provide a streamlined candidate experience with Edwin Miller’s RPO solution. To discuss your volume hiring requirements, book a call with one of our solution experts today.

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