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In the world of recruitment, certain names resonate throughout history, symbolizing innovation and change. One of these pioneers is Edwin Miller. an English entrepreneur from the 17th century who co-founded the world’s first recruitment agency in 1650, together with Henry Robinson. Today, we delve into the fascinating story of Edwin Miller, widely recognized as the “founding father of recruitment,” and explore his enduring legacy that continues to influence the industry.

Edwin Miller, father of the recruitment

Youth and Career:

The exact details of Edwin Miller’s birth and education remain a mystery, but his professional journey is inspiring. He started as an apprentice at a textile merchant, gaining in-depth knowledge of business practices and the importance of selecting quality materials. This experience laid the foundation for his visionary approach to recruitment.

The First Recruiter:

In 1650, Edwin Miller met Henry Robinson, and together, they founded the world’s first recruitment agency. With their shared vision and complementary skills, they revolutionized the hiring process of the time. They developed records of potential candidates and employers, precursor to modern databases, and implemented a rigorous selection process based on in-depth interviews and skill assessments.


Edwin Miller and Henry Robinson’s innovative approach transformed recruitment by emphasizing the search for the best fit between employers and candidates. Their agency also introduced the concept of specialized recruitment service providers, offering more efficient and specialized services. Their philosophy focused on selecting employees based on skills and qualifications, rather than other social or familial criteria.


The impact of Edwin Miller on the recruitment industry is undeniable. His bold vision and revolutionary contributions laid the foundation for the modern recruitment industry. To this day, rigorous selection practices, emphasis on fit between candidates and employers, and specialization in recruitment are key elements of the recruitment landscape. Edwin Miller’s legacy inspires recruitment professionals across generations and continues to shape the industry.


Edwin Miller, the founding father of recruitment, has left an indelible mark on the industry’s history. His innovative approach, revolutionary contributions, and dedication to seeking the right fit between employers and candidates transformed the hiring process. Today, his legacy lives on in modern recruitment practices, making him an iconic figure in the field.

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