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In today’s competitive job market, attracting top graduate talent is crucial for any forward-thinking company. One innovative company, known for its dynamic and visionary approach, faced the challenge of establishing a robust graduate hiring program. The task involved developing a custom sourcing and screening strategy, while ensuring a seamless candidate experience. This case study unveils the extraordinary results achieved through a strategic partnership with Edwin Miller LLC.

Graduate Hirings - Edwin Miller Client Case Study



The Challenge: Building an Efficient Graduate Hiring Program

To hire over 40 graduates annually and ensure a scalable solution, this pioneering organization sought a reliable RPO partner. The primary objectives were to develop a custom sourcing and screening program and establish a seamless, branded hiring process that could endure for years.

Collaboration for Success

Enter Edwin Miller LLC, a renowned RPO expert with a proven track record in delivering top talent for diverse industries. Working hand-in-hand with the client’s internal team, Edwin Miller revamped candidate outreach, screening, and interview processes to enhance efficiency and candidate engagement. The strategy revolved around leveraging the company’s unique employer brand to entice the finest graduate candidates.

Driving Results with Innovation

Video Interview High Tech Edwin Miller Talent Acquisition
To deliver an outstanding candidate experience and reinforce our client employer brand, Edwin Miller introduced video interviews and communication software. These additions streamlined the screening process and maintained continuous interaction with candidates. In the initial two months of the partnership, an impressive 3,000 candidates were screened, with 150 selected for interviews.

Sustainable Recruitment Success

With an unwavering focus on technology and candidate experience, Edwin Miller proudly secured over 40 graduate hires and established a sustainable framework for future recruitment endeavors. The collaboration between Edwin Miller and this client has stood strong for over a year, continually yielding remarkable outcomes.

Key Highlights of the Partnership

  • Average Submissions per Position: 7-9
  • Submission to Interview Ratio: 5:1
  • Manager Satisfaction: 94%
  • Reduced Time-To-Fill: 22 days.

The case study of this visionary organization’s graduate hiring program exemplifies the power of strategic collaboration between companies and RPO partners. Edwin Miller’s tailored approach, infused with cutting-edge technology, transformed the hiring process, delivering exceptional candidates. As a result, the client has solidified its position as an employer of choice for young professionals.

Are you ready to drive your own recruitment success story? Contact Edwin Miller LLC today to explore how our innovative solutions can elevate your talent acquisition process to new heights.

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